Govt. Regd. No. 595/062/63

Amity Hr

AMITY HUMAN RESOURCE (P) Ltd is human resource recruitment service. It has established with the aim of providing quality manpower services in national and international level. The main aim of this organization is to serve professional, skilled, semi-skilled, and un-skilled manpower to the different countries according to the demand of the concerned companies.

It is established with a new vision to serve the nation for those who are willing to have a job in abroad with the better facilities and benefits. It is fully well equipped with all available resources and technologies to gain a reliable popularity among all Nepalese. The company has aimed to provide excellent and be liable services and try to explore the new areas for job seeker in abroad.

Among all the manpower agencies in Nepal, it is one of the successful organizations managed by highly experience, dedicated and popular personnel who have serve more than a decade in the field of manpower services. The company has been established in a prime location so that customers won’t get confused about our organization.

It has been registered with the Ministry of Labour, Nepal Governmen. In a very short time, AMITY HUMAN RESOURCE (P) Ltd has gain a wide popularity and recognized by demanding utmost competence in the field of foreign employment services. Our main objective is to provide the information about all types of employment opportunities to those who are fit for particular vacancies.

The main contact area will be various organization, industries, foreign companies and foreign government services. Our main mission is to enhance the living standard of Nepalese people and boost the national economy by providing the right people with the right job in abroad.



The company has established with the aim to render the national as well as international service to the general public. From the following points of vision, the organization has been established.

    * To create a feeling of unity among the individuals and organization i.e. family environment.

    * Help to solve existing unemployment problems.

    * Encourage foreign employment agencies for recruitment services.

    * Contact with foreign employer and related agencies for co-ordination.

    * Provide quality manpower service in national and international level.

    * Increment in individual and national income.



The main purpose of this organization is to decline the poverty line and increase the living standard of the people that leads the development of the country.

Amity Human Resource is established not for the individual interest but for all. As there are two types of people, one who sees the dream and the other who wake up and fulfill his dream. And we lead those who dreams for the foreign job placement. We encourage them as well as support them for the foreign employment. We place them in the suitable and best job in abroad i.e. Right man in the Right place. Beside all these things, we provide job placement in peace and harmony environment as a return, they get the secure and well-paid job satisfaction. Thus, we can say customer’s satisfaction is our mission.



The company has been newly established with a proper utilization of available resources and new technologies by highly experience, dedicated and popular personnel who have serve more than decade in the field of manpower services to achieve the specific goal in future. The following points are the main goals of the organization.

    * To serve all types of manpower services.

    * To make feeling of unity.

    * To provide and encourage foreign employment opportunities who are willing to work in abroad.

    * Enhance the living standard and boost the national economy.

    * To secure a suitable job in abroad with maximum job satisfaction.

    * To provide excellent and valuable national services.



 Amity Human Resource has established considering some of the objectives that has been its aim.

    * Recruitment professional, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled manpower as per demand.

    * Provide job opportunities in the field of government, industries, foreign companies, etc.

    * Enhance living standard of the people and boost up economy of the country.

    * Transfer exact as well as up-dated information about the demand of various jobs opportunities.

    * Encourage and support the people for foreign job placement.

    * Provide prompt services.

    * Flow of training and awareness to the workers.

    * Making healthy and professional relationship among employer and recruiting agencies.